Rule #1: Food is not the enemy! Enjoy it! But do so wisely.

A few days ago, after finishing our frozen pizza dinner, Kashi Margherita, (solidly healthy choice for frozen pizza, average taste) my girl, AJ, who is in full pre-wedding slimming down mode, declared, “Well, now I feel guilty”.                No Ma’am!  NEVER feel guilty for eating something less than perfect! Which leads to Rule #1: Food is not the enemy! Enjoy it! But do so wisely.

AJ felt the same way most of us do about food.  That we should feel guilty about enjoying food. That food is the enemy.  That food will make us fat.  That food is our daily struggle.  That everything would be fine if food wasn’t always bringing us down.  Damn you food!  Here’s the thing though, making food the enemy will make you unhealthy and unhappy.

Declare it! Food isn’t the enemy! Food is wonderful! Food is nourishment! Food is life and love! Enjoy it!                                                                                       

Enjoying food is part of the human experience. Embrace it as such.

Ah, but there is that “But do so wisely” part of the rule. What does that mean, exactly? Well, from our story it means getting a healthier pizza option and avoiding the delivery pizza guy. (Although, you can have delivery pizza. I do! Just not once a week.) 

It also means discovering all the wonderful tastes and textures fresh, whole food can bring you. It means experimenting with different foods. It means educating yourself on healthy options. It means preparing your own meals. Which leads me to the next Rule: Plan ahead for all meals. Learn to cook.


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