Rule #2: Plan ahead for all meals. Learn to cook.

About that “But do so wisely” bit for Rule #1.  It boils down to this.  You can essentially eat whatever you want.  BUT, (notice the big but) you have to do so smartly.  In addition to eating the right foods in the right portions, you also need to plan ahead of time for what you’re going to eat.  Typically that means preparing and cooking your own meals.  Hey! That’s Rule #2: Plan ahead for all meals.  Learn to cook. 

The most important thing you can do to eat healthy consistently is plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. Unfortunately, when we don’t plan ahead, our options for healthy eating are essentially non-existent. Planning ahead  gives us more options for healthy eating and obligates us to eat the healthy food we’ve already bought (no one likes wasting food, or money). 

Planning ahead includes:

  • Packing lunch and snacks for work.
  • Stocking the cooler with healthy stuff on road trips.
  • Making healthier fare for the tailgate rather than eat in the stadium.
  • Considering what to eat at a restaurant before arriving.
  • Going grocery shopping regularly to keep the house stocked with healthy options.
  • Learning to prepare and cook our own meals.

 A necessity of planning ahead for our meals is learning to prepare and cook them ourselves.  Oftentimes, the idea of cooking a meal seems time-consuming or intimidating.  Throughout this blog I’ll show you tricks I use to make cooking fun and easy.  I’ll also give ideas for snacks and meals that you can try.  Cooking and healthy eating is all about learning the basics and then experiementing as you go.  Make it a hobby!

The bottom line for Rule #2: Combine some minimal forethought to meals with a basic understanding on cooking and you’ll start eating healthier immediately.

(Note: Every Tuesday the blog will be devoted to cooking tips, healthy snack ideas, and generally, applying Rule #2 to your life.  Join me then!)


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