Rule #4: Make exercise fun. Challenge yourself.

Raise your hand if you consider going for a 3 mile run fun.  Ok….perhaps I’m the only one.  Oh, wait, there’s a few more, waaay in the back.  Anyway, here’s the problem.  You know exercise is good for you.  But most standard exercise you’re familiar with makes you wanna do your taxes instead.  It’s awfully hard to stick to an exercise regimen if you view it as a chore.  Hence, Rule #4: Make exercise fun. Challenge yourself. 

How do you make exercise fun?  Lots of ways!  The beautiful part is it’s up to you.  What makes something fun for you?  Is it from the competition of playing a sport?  Bonding with others through group fitness classes or programs?  The chance to get away from all the noise of life for a little while?  There’s an unlimited number of ways to make exercise fun.  You only need to find yours. 

Maybe what makes exercise fun for you is seeing yourself get better at something.  Or seeing the results of your hard work.  That leads to second part of the rule, Challenge Yourself.  Eventually all exercise will get stagnant and boring.  Keep it fun by mixing up or challenging yourself to get better at your normal routine. 

Challenging ourselves in exercise is one of the few areas of life where we can see or feel the rewards for our hard work almost immediately.  That boosts our self-esteem, making us happier and more confident.  And makes us want to exercise more.  Pretty good deal for something that’s free. (Well, kinda free).

I’ll give plenty of ideas on how to make exercise fun and challenge yourself throughout the blog.  And hopefully hear suggestions from you on how you’ve made exercise fun.  For now, though, I’ve gotta run.  Literally.  Three miles is calling my name…..


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