Rule #5: Educate yourself every day.

Ok, so this rule doesn’t relate to nutrition and health as directly as the first four rules.  But it certainly has its place.  Educating yourself every day, even if it’s just a quick glance at the day’s news, leads to a better understanding of the world around you.  Which, in turn, leads to more confidence and a better mental state.  Happier and healthier!  And with today’s technology, there is really no excuse to not follow Rule #5: Educate yourself every day.

How should you educate yourself every day?  It’s totally up to you.  I’d suggest finding a few websites or blogs (I know of a GREAT one!) that provide quality content that you’re interested in on a regular basis.  You can sign up for email alerts so posts pop right into your inbox or you can subscribe to a RSS feed and view posts in a web reader. (Click here for my entirely basic lesson on RSS feeds and google reader).

And don’t forget books!  Posts from websites and blogs is a great way to pick up nuggets of wisdom every day, but books teach us so much more on a topic so we can truly learn something.  And with the eReader options (ie Amazon Kindle) out there, it’s easy to have a book handy.

No matter how or where you get your information (don’t forget newspapers and magazines, too), make it a regular habit to learn something new every day.  And if you decide to include nutrition and health news in your daily education, I would be humbly honored if you chose Essentials of Nutrition to be a provider.


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