Rule #6: Laugh at everything. Especially yourself.

The final rule is more a rule for life than a rule for health.  Although, I’d argue it’s vital for mental health and possibly the most important of all the rules.  This rule speaks for itself.  Find joy  and humor in everything.    Learn to love the failures and the struggles, the silliness of life, and the humor in all things human.

Laugh when you burn dinner.  Laugh when you trip on a crack in the sidewalk.  Laugh when you get rained on.  Laugh when your team wins.  Laugh when your team loses.  Laughter cures all ills.  Laughter is the best medicine.

Remember  to not take yourself too seriously.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  Especially when your waxing poetic about laughter on a nutrition blog.  Always remember Rule #6: Laugh at everything. Especially yourself. 


What Say You!

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