The Neverending Diet….

Just got back from my wedding and honeymoon.  Suffice to say, for 2 weeks I ate too much, drank too much, and didn’t work out.  Now I’m back to reality and I’m eating much better, drinking much less, and working out regularly.  This up and down month led me to this week’s Tuesday Tip:

Don’t view a “diet” as something that eventually ends.  A true diet is the life long manner in which you manage your food intake.

Whether it’s Adkins, Paleo, Hollywood, or even Weight Watchers, diet plans imply an eventual end.  We go “on” diets when we want to lose weight.  When we’ve lost the weight we go back “off” our diets, gaining the weight back.  You’ve heard all this before, I’m sure.  If you’ve fallen into this trap (as most everyone has) you need to change how you view the word “diet”.

A diet isn’t short-term.  A diet doesn’t end. Ever.  Healthy eating must be the norm in your life. Now, if you’re on your honeymoon and spending 7 days and 6 nights in an all-inclusive hotel, perhaps the better parts of your diet go on hiatus.  But, if you’ve established good eating habits, you’ll naturally go back to those habits when you no longer have a free, colossal breakfast buffet at the ready every morning.

This tip is only about a mindset.  It won’t help you start eating healthier immediately.  A healthy diet is too complex for me to just tell you to do better. But, when you do start eating healthier, understand there are no quick, short-term fixes.  A diet is a life long initiative with ups and downs. View it as such. 

And don’t forget to enjoy the breakfast buffet.  A diet CAN include three types of pork for breakfast.  Just only on your honeymoon.


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