Wednesday Wire 4/20/2011

News and Notes from the week gone by:

The big news this week was a study that found large amounts of staph bacteria in grocery meat.  What’s more, 96% of the staph was resistant to at least one antibiotic, while 52% were resistant to 3 or more antibiotics.  The use of antibiotics in farming is coming home to roost.

In addition, a study also shows organic chicken has less salmonella than conventionally farmed.

Here’s a great article on the issues between buying wild vs farmed seafood.  Several helpful tips when making your choice at the fish monger.

Drink Coke Zero and other diet sodas?  Although there are several other factors involved, a new study shows drinking diet soda alone doesn’t raise your risk of diabetes like regular soda does.

Other odds and ends:

Do you Twitter?  Although I’m not on it (yet!) here’s who the Huffington Post recommends as the top nutrition experts to follow.

Does Vitamin D really do it all?  It certainly seems so.  More evidence that Vitamin D helps decrease the eye disease macular degeneration.

Average distance your food travels to get to your plate? 1,500 miles.  Maybe it’s time to plant a garden.

Buying organic is great! But, be aware, junk food labeled organic is still junk food.  Don’t fall for the “health halo” of the organic label, read the ingredient list!


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