Finding the “Truth” in Health Advice.

Eat like our Paleolithic ancestors, meat, meat , meat!  Red meat will kill you!  Eat carbs, they’re fat free! Carbs make you fat!  Vitamins improve health!  Vitamins are a waste of money! Do cardio first!  Do cardio last! Alcohol is terrible for you!  Wine protects from heart disease!  I’ve gone cross-eyed….

These days when it comes to health, especially diet, there are so many confusing messages it’s hard to make sense of what is good advice.   Why isn’t there consensus on this stuff by now? How can health opinions be so polar opposite?  I thought health was a SCIENCE!    

Yes, health is in essence a science.  But oftentimes, science can be much like religion and politics.  Very smart people have steadfast beliefs that color their view of the world.  One doesn’t have to look any farther than the debate on global warming to see how different viewpoints can come to radically different conclusions from the same set of scientific data.

Add the innumerable variables related to an individual’s health and we’ve got ourselves a raging debate.  Differences in gender, age, genetics, race, culture, social preferences, emotional tendencies, physiology, experiences, education, etc, (going a little cross-eyed again…) affect how we perceive, challenge, learn about, and manage our health.  It’s a wonder there is any consensus at all.

Of course, the vast majorities of opinions on health and diet are based on science.  So what is the truth?  What ARE the right answers?  I’ll weigh in with my opinions throughout the blog.  As you’ll discover, I tend to believe the “truth” is somewhere in the middle. 

You must discover your own “truth”.  To do this you must educate yourself and trust your instincts.  This blog will help you with the former.  The latter is up to you.

Incidentally, after I decided on this topic for today’s post I read a wonderful article by Deepak Chopra on the differences between professional and public opinions on health. Check it out here.


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