Changing Your Diet One Day at a Time

Recently, I recalled a day that changed my diet.  I can’t actually remember the specific day or date. What happened on this day (that I can’t remember exactly) that changed my diet?  I tried spinach.

I don’t mean the frozen, kinda nasty, creamed spinach stuff your mom used to slap on the plate.  I’m talking about fresh, raw spinach.  Why did it change my diet?  Because it added a new, wholly nutritious staple to my repertoire.

Most of us eat basically the same stuff.  That’s actually good as studies have shown healthy eaters eat similar foods regularly and are satisfied by their choices. It’s all about habits.  Like ordering the same thing at a restaurant you frequent.  On this day, I tried something new, loved it, and it became part of my frequently eaten foods.

When was the last time you tried something new?  You probably look forward to trying some new things like the hottest new restaurant or rock album.  But what about your diet?  My guess is it has been a while.

So, throughout this blog I will suggest new, healthy foods to try.  Maybe you’ll like them and add a healthy staple to your diet, maybe you won’t.  Doesn’t matter.  You have nothing to lose but healthier eating habits.

Therefore, this week’s Tuesday Tip is :  When you’re trying to establish better eating habits, baby steps are most helpful.  Try a new healthy food at least once a month. 

Today’s food to try is, naturally, spinach.  Buy a bag of organic spinach this week and use it whenever you would normally use iceberg lettuce.  Top a sandwich with it.  Make a spinach salad (or, at least, add spinach leaves to your salad).  My wife loves it in her omelette. Experiment a little.  You’ll likely discover that the slightly peppery taste of spinach adds to your food in ways iceberg never could.

Try spinach. I did.  And it was a day that changed my diet.  I just can’t remember exactly when…


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