Wednesday Wire: 4/27/2011

On Monday I talked about how choosing organic foods decreases our exposure to chemical pesticides.  Right on time, a new study links a mother’s exposure to these pesticides to lower IQs in their children.  And, a group of pediatricians are out to educate the public on the risks of chemical pesticides to child health.

Last week I talked about differences in opinion in health and science.  A wonderful example this week. A new study links calcium supplement use in post-menopausal women with an increased risk of heart attacks.  Immediately, opinions emerged disagreeing with the study results. 

It’s hard these days to know what is and isn’t healthy (hint: if it comes out of a box or bag it probably isn’t healthy).  Food labels obviously try to make the product appear as healthy as possible.  This is confusing many consumers.  Here’s an example from Campbell’s soup.  And here’s an analysis of Kashi’s cereal claims that one bowl has as much protein as an egg.

Odds and ends:

Is there a sleep position that is better than another?

Do Werther’s candies give you a happy family?

Should report cards list a child’s BMI? (weight measurement)

From the “Totally not surprised” department, pharmacists recommend and take supplements.

Wonder what Barbie would look like in real life?


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