More Flavorful Food with One Twist.

We know that one the best ways to eat healthier is to make your own meals.  Not the boil-milk-and-butter-then-add-pasta-packet kind of meals either.  You can make meals just as fast, and way more flavorful.  Today’s tip focuses on flavor.  The simplest way to make nearly everything you make taste better:

Buy, and use often, a pepper grinder.

It doesn’t have to be one of those 2 foot long monsters the waiter offers you at an italian restaurant. Just something small will suffice. 

The pepper shaker you’re using now is useless.  As soon as a peppercorn is ground it begins losing flavor and aroma, so the ground up stuff you’ve always used is lacking the necessary punch.

Use your new pepper grinder just as you would that old powdery stuff.  I guarantee the first time you use it you’ll curse yourself for not making the switch sooner. 

You’re food will taste better, you’ll feel like a better cook, you’ll want to cook more often, you’ll eat healthier.  Pretty easy for something you can buy for under $5 at your local supermarket.


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