Wednesday Wire 5/4/2011

Have any of my neighbors seen the controversial new anti-obesity ads in Georgia?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

The USDA has changed its rules on cafeteria food, clearing the way for more nutritious school meals.  A new front in the battle of childhood obesity is on the internet

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, SELF Magazine gives some easy mexican food swaps to make you feel less guilty enjoying the holiday.

On the family front:  Unsurprisingly, a new study shows family dinners reduce the likelihood a child will be obese.  A group of moms are fighting antibiotics in livestock.

A discussion on evidence of natural pain-killer.  Hint: You should be buying the extra virgin.

We talked about organic food last week.  Here the pioneers of the organic food movement give more info on what the organic seal means.

Vitamin News:

Are Americans getting enough calcium

Is Vitamin D the reason behind the differences in blood pressure risk between races?


2 responses to “Wednesday Wire 5/4/2011

  1. jane aquilino

    ALL important facts to re-consider! Especially the junk we’ve fed our students in public schools for over a generation. Simplicity is the answer to all concerns. We strive to make wise choices with our personal nutrition and health. Enjoying the Spring weather out here, but miss you and AJ every day.

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