The Bathroom Scale is a Checking Account

Whether we’re starting a diet and exercise program or trying to maintain what we have, we often put too much emphasis on the number on the bathroom scale.  It’s time to adjust how we view this number.  Determining your overall health by the number on the scale is like judging your finances solely by your checking account balance.

Without a doubt, a healthy weight or full checking account are positive indicators of physical and financial health, respectively.  But consider your checking account, if it’s full does that mean you’re on solid financial footing? Not necessarily.

A checking account balance doesn’t give any insight into how much debt a person is carrying, their savings, or lines of credit. A full checking account with tons of debt and no savings would certainly not make one financially secure.  Just ask Equifax.

The same idea goes for the bathroom scale. It certainly gives feedback on how you’re doing, but if you’re eating habits, physical fitness, and emotional state are poor, the number on the scale will is meaningless.

Pay attention how you look in the mirror (believe me, you can tell) and how you FEEL. When you eat healthy and exercise you notice the difference. You have more energy, more confidence, and a happier body. Pay attention to those messages, not just a number.

Like you would with a checking account, check your bathroom scale regularly. It gives the most immediate feedback on your progress. But don’t let positive or negative numbers on that little machine cloud your overall health progress.

After all, we’re more than just a number, aren’t we?


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