Finger Cooking and other links: Wednesday Wire 5/11/11

What is finger cooking?  Boston Pizza’s commercial aims for humor, but ends up highlighting the worst parts of our diet habits and food industry marketing.

New federal laws on supplement reporting are poised to “rock the supplement industry“.

Two links on the dangers of toxins in our environment:  Don’t read, What’s Lurking Your Food? before a meal.  For those with a scientific bent, try this dissertation on child vulnerability to toxins from Health Affairs.  The link will take you to the short summary, full text available from there.

Last week I posted How to ruin a salad.  Here are some real life examples.  Each salad is worse for you than a Big Mac.

In recent years controversy has erupted as schools have cut phys ed classes in favor of traditional classroom courses.  A new study shows combining the two leads to improved grades among students.

 New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has ignited controversy with his proposal to help reduce obesity in his city, not allowing food stamps to be eligible to purchase soda.  What do you think?

We’ve often heard eating later in the day is not good for weight loss.  This new study shows the notion is correct, but not because of why we usually think.

Single women, clip and memorize this review of a study that shows waiting longer to have sex with a new mate leads to longer lasting relationships.  Single men, begin planning your rebuttal…


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