Wednesday Wire 5/18/11: Top Diet Plan?

Consumer Reports rated the top diet plans.   Jenny Craig narrowly beat out Weight Watchers.  I think any diet that helps build healthy eating habits is great.  But losing weight shouldn’t be the only goal.  Rebecca Scritchfield, RD agrees.

Two interesting articles this week on school lunches:                                          

A new technology using cameras will allow administrators at 5 Texas elementary schools to know what and how much each child ate at lunch.  Parents will receive the results of their child’s lunch intake. 

Childhood Obesity discusses the debate over packed vs tray lunch.  Some schools require packed (but inspect it for junk food), some don’t allow food from home at all.                                                        

Covering digestive, allergy, nutritional and environmental toxin concerns, gives us Foods That Should Not be Served to Your Baby.

A list of 1,300 chemicals in our environment that effect our hormones was published this week.

And, seeing as though I’ve dubbed this “Cooking Week”, here’s my favorite online source for recipes and cooking instructions,


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