How to Ruin a Salad #2

When you think salad, you probably think healthy.  Generally, salads ARE healthier than a burger and fries.  But we do things to salads that ruin the healthy status of our field of greens.  Lots of things.  One at a time, lest we get over whelmed.  Since they’re all bad, we’ll go in no particular order.  

How to ruin a salad #2: Creamy dressing

This is an easy one.  And likely one you’re quite familiar with already.  Adding blobs of ranch or creamy Italian to a bed of greens can skyrocket the calorie and fat content of your good-intended healthy salad.

Consider that one tablespoon of ranch dressing has 73 calories (68 calories from saturated fat).  Trust me, you use more than one tablespoon on your salad. 

And don’t be fooled by “low-fat” versions (for anything!).  The fat is just replaced by sugar or sugar substitutes.  If you’re gonna do it I’d rather you get the full fat version.  It’s actually better for you, in a way.

How to fix it

Oil and vinegar based salad dressings are an improvement.  But don’t choose one without checking out the carbohydrates (sugar) and sodium content.  Shoot for as low as possible in both cases. 

The best thing to do is make your own oil and vinegar salad dressing at home.  Just mix together extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar in 2 to 1 ratio.  Two parts EVOO, one part balsamic.  You can adjust this ratio to suit your tastes. 

Also try adding dried herbs to the dressing to add another layer of flavor.  Some salt and pepper works too.

If you’ve got a taste for asian, try ginger dressing.  Be aware not to get the creamy type here too.  You’re looking for straight blended ginger.  It has to be kept cool so look in the produce section with the bagged salads.  Ginger dressing goes great on salad with shrimp and carrots.

How to Ruin a Salad #1


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