Ronald McDonald, Glee, & Asparagus

News and Links from the week:

Ronald McDonald was a point of controversy this week.  Several healthcare workers and McDonald’s shareholders pressured McDonald’s to get rid of the iconic clown.  They argue he peddles junk food to kids.   McDonald’s corp says, um, no.

Not only is Glee a popular show my wife, mother, and sister obsess over, it can also help parents talk to teens about sensitive issues.  Indeed, Glee shall save the world.  Or, at least, Tuesday nights.

Two bloggers focused on one of my favorite veggies this week, asparagus.  At Livin’-the-Green the case is made for asparagus to be the perfect food.  And some unique recipes are shared.  Wellness Nutrition picks asparagus as the food of the month.

Odds and Ends:

Consumer Reports responds to critics over their diet rankings.

The Washington Post gives a great overview of sunscreen effectiveness.

The marketing of brownies laced with melatonin. (You thought I was gonna say something else, didn’t you). 

Omega-3 (fish oil) is at it again.  This time showing a benefit for depression in the elderly.


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