Why Do You Exercise? Here’s My Top 5 Reasons

These may differ for you, but in descending order of importance, here’s why I work out.  Are yours terribly different?  Did I omit a biggie?  Is the order all wrong?  Let me know what you think!

  1. To Relieve Stress.  Life can get pretty stressful.  NOTHING comes close to the stress relief exercise brings.  I find there is no better way to turn off the cell phone beeping, horn honking, alarm ringing, baby crying, news channel yelling noise than a workout to my favorite tunes.
  2. To prepare my body for an active lifestyle.  I love being active.  Playing sports, running races, walking around town, doing housework.  Regular exercise keeps my body ready to move.  The energy boost from exercise is a huge bonus.
  3. To boost my confidence.  Overcoming obstacles in your exercise regimen is the easiest way to feel a sense of accomplishment.  Confidence gained from being able to run farther, lift more, or go faster will translate to other parts of your life.
  4. To burn calories.  The best way to maintain your weight is through diet, but a consistent exercise regimen keeps your body’s calorie-burning fires stoked.
  5. To look good naked.  A fashion designer once said “Don’t worry about what you look like naked, once you get to that point it doesn’t matter”.  Probably true, but studies show those who are the most comfortable with their bodies enjoy better sex.  Now THAT’s a reason to hit the gym.

I apologize I can’t remember the designer who I quoted in #5.  If anyone knows, please pass it along!


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