A warning for Kim Kardashian; No more hockey pucks

News and Links from the week gone by:

The trend in toning shoes (Sketchers Shape-ups, etc) has led to some concerns of injuries caused from the unbalanced designed.  Kim Kardashian, consider yourself warned.

The USDA has lowered the recommended internal temperature of pork.  Backyard grill masters rejoice! No more dry hockey pucks!

The battle over organic continues.  A group is suing agriculture firms who use antibiotics in their livestock. The food industry returns fire, claiming pesticide levels on produce shouldn’t be measured.

Do you say the three mealtime words that can destroy your weight loss efforts?

Odds and Ends:

A new study suggests Omega-3 can help prevent diabetes.

A recent study concludes the US recommendations for calcium intake are too high.  Stay tuned.

Minneapolis-St Paul finished on top in recent rankings of fit cities.  The complete list.

And finally, an article I swear I didn’t write, “Drinking in College is Largely Positive“.


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