$5 Foot Wrong

Five….Five Dollar…Five Dollar Footloooong….  Did you start humming the jingle?  Yeah, me too.  The $5 footlong deal from Subway is a good value for your money.  Except for one thing…

You don’t NEED a footlong sub.  I know you can probably eat one.  But, the human stomach was not made to hold 12 inches of sandwich.  If you can eat one without feeling bloated, you’re doing something wrong in the rest of your diet.  Elite athletes and rigorous laborers are the exception.

I thought of this at work recently when I sent my coworker to grab us some subs at Subway.  I requested a 6 inch variety.  He looked at me quizzically,

“But, for like a dollar more you can get twice the amount of food.” He paused, eyebrows arched, “Why wouldn’t you do that.”

Because, my good man, I don’t need the whole thing.  No matter how good the deal.

And therein lies the problem.   We tend to make our food choices based on amount of food for your money.  It’s natural, we’re capitalists.  We judge value based on getting more for your money.  It works for cars, not food.

How do we fight this natural tendency?  It’s not easy.  Start by adjusting how you view food value.  In the long run isn’t a healthier, organic option more valuable?  It will save you money on future medical bills.  And bigger clothes.

And, just think, you can save up that extra $1 on a footlong sub and visit the more-food-for-your-money center of the universe….Golden Corral.


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