The new food guide & Cell phones and cancer

Two big news stories this week:

The USDA unveiled its new food guide.  Out with the pyramid, in with the plate:

Here’s the official USDA statement on the plate.  NPR’s take. shows other countries are ahead of the US in this regard. Dr Sandra Frank of Dietitians Online Blog does a experiment on her family showing why the plate is an effective guide

The World Health Organization has decided to add cellphones to the list of possible carcinogens (along with coffee and picked vegetables) .  Here’s a quick overview.  The Incidental Economist isn’t entirely convinced.

Other links this week:

The agriculture industry says there’s not enough evidence to support any negative consequences of antibiotic use in livestock.

Here’s 7 tips for washing vegetables.

Are your allergies getting worse?  Here’s 5 reasons why.

And finally, an answer to the question, Why is my new healthy diet making me so flatulent?


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