Get stuck in a healthy lifestyle

We’re creatures of habit.  We do things our way.  Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.  All of these habits added together make up our lifestyle.  Changing our lifestyle is difficult.  It can seem daunting.  But that same fact offers hope for healthier living.

You know it’s hard to change your habits and lifestyle; it’s probably been a major roadblock in your efforts to get healthier previously.  That’s because you viewed it as a negative.  An obstacle to overcome.  This time, look at like this:

Once you make changes to your lifestyle, it will be just as hard to go back to your old ways.  I say a diet is never-ending, but that doesn’t mean the struggle of living healthier doesn’t end.  Get yourself stuck with healthy habits, and eating smartly becomes the norm.

Put forth the effort to remake a part of your lifestyle and you come out on the other end a person who curmudgeonly hangs onto their new way of doing things.  Like always having breakfast….


2 responses to “Get stuck in a healthy lifestyle

  1. I like your comment about a diet is “never-ending” because it really has to be in order to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. After being overweight in my past and coming from an overweight family I completely agree with your post. In order to stay healthy and in good shape it requires the right mindset and a complete lifestyle change. Anyone can eat healthy for a week and go back to their normal habits the next. It’s about developing the will-power to keep those healthy lifestyle choices and turning them into habits.

    • Congratulations on your weight loss and ability to maintain the healthy choices! An important point of a “neverending diet” is to not make the word diet a negative. Everything we eat makes up our “diet”. Still enjoy the foods you crave, just not every day. And, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, there are plenty of healthy options that can be crave worthy. Keep up the good work and be sure to share your story. It helps inspire others!

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