Parental roles in childhood obesity

News from the week:

I’m not a parent.  But I know several.  Here one mother and daughter discuss how mom’s food habits shaped the younger’s.  And here’s some tips for parents (some from kids themselves) on helping kids eat healthier.

Figuring out what is healthy is hard. (Follow my Eat by Stars initiative for help!).  If you’re dieting, you’re especially susceptible to misleading packaging.  And watch out for words that can be especially problematic.

One doughnut chain is changing to using only cage-free eggs.  One hint: you gotta have them fresh out of the oven.  (Just not every day. Or week. Or…)

Do you love berries?  All kinds of berries?  Check out these 6 tips for buying the best. 

Some scientists have discovered how vitamins and minerals may prevent age related diseases.  Right down my alley.

A few weeks ago Consumer Reports ranked the diet plans.  Here’s the US News and World Reports version.


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