Eat by Stars: Tilapia, Lunchables, & more

Tilapia Filet  
Per 5 oz filet: calories 220, fat 4.5g, carbs og, protein 45g
Don’t like “fishy” tasting fish?  Try tilapia. Very versatile, it can be baked, grilled, sauted, or broiled (no frying!).  Add salt and pepper, or a squeeze of lemon to finish.  I throw mine in a fish taco.  A wonderful source of protein and a cornerstone of a healthy diet.  Eat once or twice a week.
Per 2 tbsp: calories 70, fat 6g, carbs 3g, protein 1 g
You like dips, don’t you?  Well there’s none better than hummus.  It’s creamy, comes in a variety of flavors (I like jalapeno), and makes party guests think you’re sophisticated.  Be sure to dip carrots or celery.  Chips or bread ruins the nutritional value.
Kind Fruit & Nut Bar
Per bar: calories 210, fat 12g, carb 25g, protien 4g
Generally, a packaged “bar” is not the best way to go.  But compared to other snacks you might grab on the go, the Kind Bar line is great choice.  No fillers, no GMO products, high in good fats, and damned tasty.  Give one a try the next time you need a quick fill me up.
Bagel Chips
Per 6 chips: calories 130, fat 5, carbs 17 (sugar 16), protein 3g
They seem like they’d be healthier for you than say, potato chips, but, alas, they’re the same kind of processed stuff that makes us fat.  High in carbs and sugars, these guys are to be eaten as a once-every-6-months treat. 
Per pack: calories 350, fat 19g, carbs 27g, protein 18g. sodium 1000mg
Holy crap.  I had no idea how many different varieties of lunchables there were now.  Tacos?  Seriously!?  How can that be good?  Anyway, here’s the old standard: meat, cheese, and crackers.  Highly processed and loaded with sodium (half a day’s worth), these things are, um, not good for you.     

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