The FDA gets all Wes Craven on cigarette labels

News and links from the week:

You gotta give the FDA credit for pulling out all the stops. Their new warning labels on cigarette packs are gruesome and awfully scary. Seriously, if you smoke, try to stop. I smoked regularly for 10 years. Quitting was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health. I know hard it can be. Do it now.

By year’s end, all restaurant chains with over 20 locations
have to post calorie counts right next to menu items.  There’s been some debate how effective this will be in getting us to eat a little healthier.  I think it will help.  This article agrees.

For those who share my love of New Orleans, check out this
video following efforts to turn abandoned lots into urban gardens in the
crescent city.

Are certain sunscreen ingredients bad for your skin? Livin’
the Green gives you more info to consider when picking a sunscreen.

A bill is set to pass in congress that could increase the
amount of pesticides in our water. 


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