Why I Hate “Cheat” Meals

Ok, ok,  I’ve referred to “cheat” meals before.  Even used it in describing a two star food.  But the notion of a meal once a week when you can indulge on tasty food just doesn’t sit right with me.  Although I get the concept, I hate “cheat”meals.

The theory behind a cheat meal is, eat healthy throughout the week, then for one meal eat whatever you desire.  Fair enough.  And the idea works for some people. Not for me.  I think the notion of a “cheat”meal means I can’t, or won’t, enjoy other meals throughout the week.  The “cheat” meal becomes a reward for depriving yourself all week.  No bueno.

My view of healthy eating is to understand what constitutes good food and making it delicious.  No need to be boxed into one enjoyable meal of the week.  All your meals should be enjoyable!  Naturally, eating chicken wings for every meal would not constitute healthy eating.  But why not slather some skinless tenders hot off the grill in your favorite sauce named for a northern New York city?  That’s delicious! And healthy.

Here’s the bottom line.  Some foods are your “occasional” foods (these are my one and two-star categories).  They can be enjoyed regularly, but not frequently.  You need to learn how to satisfy an urge for them without going whole hog every time (i.e. wing sauce on grilled tenders).  And, as always, portion sizes are crucial.

If the idea of “cheat” meals works for you, keep it up.  For me, it doesn’t.  Life’s too short for deprivation.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go slather my dinner in wing sauce.


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