Eat by Stars: 4th of July Edition

An Eat by Stars dedicated to staples from a 4th  of July barbecue.

Shish Kabobs

Per one beef shish kabob: calories 175, fat 5g, carbs 8g, protein 24g

Using meat, chicken, pork, or shrimp is of no consequence because, health wise, you can’t do much better than these guys coming off a hot grill.  (Although watch out for any slathered in BBQ sauce.)  I like mine brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Ah, Kabobs. Food as it was intended, impaled on a stick and cooked over a fire.


Per wedge: calories 86, fat 0.5g, carbs 21g, protein 2g

Watermelon is the perfect summer BBQ delight.  Seedless feels like cheating, but I’m not here to judge.  Enjoy to your heart’s content this holiday.  Unless its been filled with vodka by your fraternity brother. Then, only one wedge…

Baked Beans

Per ½ cup: calories 140, fat 1g, carbs 29g, protein 6g

Compared to other sides (chips, various “salads”, mac n’ cheese) baked beans comes out slightly ahead. Its high sugar content is troublesome, but the protein punch from the beans lifts this guy over most barbecue competition.  Beware though, this one of those foods with “hidden” salt (1/4 daily salt intake).


Potato Salad

Per ½ cup: calories 165, fat 9g, carbs 19g, protein 2g

Made with a base of mayonnaise and built around potatoes this “salad” brings a double whammy of unhealthy fats and carbohydrates.  Perhaps I’m biased because I’m not a fan.  Either way, this side is one to avoid this holiday.

Apple Pie 

Per slice: calories 350, fat 17g, carbs 51g, protein 3g

I define one star foods as once or twice a year, special day treats.  Well, 4th of July counts as special to me.  Get a thin sliver of warm apple pie and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy on the anniversary of the day we declared our independence.


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