This is not a snack

This is not a snack…







These aren’t snacks either. (I don’t want to just pick on Lay’s)

Lay’s (and the like) are TREATS.

Why the distinction?  We often make our food choices quickly.  Relying on rules of thumb to help us choose healthier fare.  We consider a snack a better choice than a treat.  If you view a food as treat, you’ll indulge less frequently than if you consider it a harmless snack.

Consider: Would you have a slice of chocolate cake to hold you over to dinner?  Of course not.  You recognize it as a treat.

Further, a snack’s job is to curb your appetite until your next meal.  Chips can’t meet this requirement. They spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling hungry again in an hour.  I love chips (Doritos especially), but I gotta tell you, I’m very disappointed in their behavior.  Masquerading as a snack! Shameful!

There’s more. A new study shows Americans get one-third of their daily calories from snacks.  That’s not all bad.  Most dietary advice these days says have 6 small meals throughout the day.  At least three of those would have to qualify as snacks.  It’s obviously a problem, though, when we eat treats as snacks.

I know the problem. Believe me.  You’re hungry and you need something quick.  The quick options are usually chips, candy, cookies, and cracker packs.  All are treats, sadly.

But all is not lost.  Some good and delicious snack options are out there. On Friday I’ll give tips and ideas for snacks that are actually, well, snacks.



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