Eat by Stars: Cheerios, Vitamin Water & more

Pork Chops

Per Chop: calories 190, fat 11g, carbs 0g, protein 21g

I was always confused by “The Other White Meat” ads.  Chops are mostly red when raw.  Misleading ads aside, pork is a solid choice for protein in your healthy diet.  Although it has a high amount of fat, a good percentage is the “healthy” version.  No carbs, high protein, good fats.  My kind of food.  Grill it with salt and pepper and avoid those sugary sauces.


Per 1 cup (w/ 1/2 skim milk): calories 140, fat 2g, carbs 20g, protein 3g

A staple of many breakfasts (not to mention toddler diets) Cheerios are an All-American food.  While I’m not a fan of highly processed cereals, you can do worse than Cheerios.  Add some protein from bananas or peanut butter on toast and you’ve got a solid breakfast.  Cheerios aren’t what I would call a “health” food, but a bowl a couple of times a week won’t blow up your diet.

Laughing Cow Original Swiss Cheese Wedges

Per wedge: calories 50, fat 4g, carbs 1g, protein 2g

Only 50 calories and conveniently packaged, Laughing Cow cheese wedges are a solid choice for a quick snack.  They’re easily spreadable so your choice of vehicle (cracker, bread, veggies) makes all the difference.  Obviously, scooping up some swiss with carrots or celery is best, but if you choose to have it with crackers try my favorite, Triscuits.


Per 6 crackers: calories 120, fat 4g, carbs 20g, protein 3g

Most crackers are made with refined flour, a diet’s worst enemy. Not these guys.  Only three ingredients and made with whole wheat flour, Triscuits are the best choice for crackers.  For a snack, scoop up some Laughing Cow or eat with slices of cheese.  Keep in mind though, these are still crackers, you can definitely have too much of a good thing.

Vitamin Water

Per bottle: calories 125, fat 0g, carb 13g, protein 0g

I love vitamins.  You’d likely think I would endorse a drink full of vitamin C.  Unfortunately, although this drink has vitamins added (notably vitamin C) it is primarily sugar-water.  Making it nothing more than a soft drink.  Drink water instead.


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