Coupon Crazy

By now I’m sure you’ve seen Extreme Couponing.  I won’t comment on the practice of extreme couponing.  Everyone needs a hobby.  From a dietary standpoint however, I have noticed something regarding coupons.

They’re all for processed food.  No shocker there.  Mega food companies work really hard at establishing their brand.  Coupons help in that regard.

Alas, no one worries about building a brand for sweet corn or shallots.  I wonder, how different a world would it be if we did?

Unfortunately, couponing just pushes the cheaper, less-healthy food into your shopping cart.  And it shows how branding and marketing have effected how we eat.  And how we view a good food “deal”.  More for less isn’t typically the best value.

My humble advice:  Coupon like crazy for personal care and household products.  Get a roll of deodorant for 5 cents?  More power to you.

Limit what food you use the coupons  for.  A box of Coco Puffs for 5 cents is well, slightly CooCoo.



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