Fries Don’t Go With It

This is easy and obvious. But we often times miss a simple way to save calories and actually enjoy “cheat” foods more often.  It’s a simple adage I try to remember…

Don’t get the fries.  Or chips.

Fairly self explanatory, it means you don’t always have toget “the meal” when eating out.  A burger or sandwich IS a meal.  Adding a side is not necessary to make the meal complete.

All it does is add calories of junk.  Consider there’s roughly 500 calories in a typical cheeseburger.  A regular fry order clocks in at 400 calories.  Getting the side doubles the calories of your “cheat” meal.

From a nutrition standpoint, sides like fries and chips (although damned tasty) are worthless.  I can find some nutritional benefit from a burger (protein!) but, no matter how hard I try, fries and chips cannot be positively spun.

Of course, this doesn’t mean NEVER get “the meal”.  Enjoy fries and chips on occasion.  Just don’t reflexively get them every time.  Remember, they’re a treat, not a snack (or burger necessity).

Eating healthier requires changes in mindset and habits.  Try this one and tell me how it goes!


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