The First Lady’s Lunch







You’re likely familiar with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative.  It’s her plan to address childhood obesity by encouraging physical activity and eating a healthy, balanced diet.  A noble objective indeed.  Last week, though, she did something that brought criticism of her program.

She had a burger with fries and a shake.

Does this make Mrs. Obama a hypocrite?  Can you encourage healthy eating while not eating healthy yourself?  Does this one meal make her an unhealthy eater?

Last question first.  Obviously, no.  One meal does not make her an unhealthy eater.  If she ate the 1,700 meal twice weekly, maybe.  Once in a while, though, is enjoying a treat.

More importantly, is she a hypocrite or does it undermine her message?  I don’t think so.  Actually, I think it makes her more credible.  She eats like a normal person.  Regularly healthy, occasionally treats.  To me that beats a health “guru” pretending that they, or you, always has to eat perfectly.

And, I’ll admit, I eat cheesburgers and fries. (Not always fries)  Had some this weekend.  They were delicious.  If this hurts my credibility in giving healthy eating advice, so be it.

For another perspective, check out Yale professor David Katz’s insight (and his turkey burger recipe!)


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