Should Obese Children be Taken from Their Parents?

News and links from the week gone by:

An opinion piece in the Journal of the American Medical association has created quite a stir.  The authors question whether state intervention is necessary in severe childhood obesity.

Essentially, does allowing a child to become obese constitute abuse?  And if it does, should the state remove the child from the home as they do with physical abuse cases.

As you would expect, the criticism was swift.

Yale professor David Katz offers his take on the much criticized article.  And thinks the vitriolic response indicates a larger problem.

An encouraging trend.  Movies targeted at children no longer glorify cigarette smoking.  In fact, there was a 71% decrease in on-screen smoking in movies rated G, PG, or PG-13 from 2005 to 2010.

In Vitamin news:

A new study suggests Vitamin C may play a substantial role in eye and brain health.

A new theory on what led to Mozart’s death at such a young age, Vitamin D deficiency.  And I thought it was Salieri…


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