On the Road Again

Hitting the highway today with my wife and two dogs for a road trip to my family’s lake property.  Amazingly, it is one of the few places left with no cell or internet service.  So no blog post tomorrow or Monday.  Before I go I want to share one quick tip in picture form…

That’s the cooler we pack when we head out on long road trips.  Inside you’ll find sandwiches on whole grain bread for lunch, cool drinks, and healthy snacks like fruit and string cheese.

It’s quite difficult to find healthy fare at exits along our interstate system.  And very easy to find unhealthy options.  Packing a cooler of healthy stuff keeps you out of danger.

Admittedly the cooler is often empty on the return trip and we succumb to the drive-thrus of the world.  But by minimally preparing for the first leg, we save ourselves at least one likely 1000-calorie, greasy, roadside meal.



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