Junk Food Drive-By

Had a lovely time with family at our lake property in the West Virginia mountains (minus the car breaking down 10 miles from our final destination).  I never worry too much about eating healthy while I’m relaxing up there.  Not that I’d have a chance…

Dusk at Mt Storm Lake

The kitchen at “The Lake” is stocked with all the treats I crave. Doritos, Cheetos, Bacon Ranch Popcorn (I actually brought that. Had to try it. It’s as you’d expect), pretzels, pepperoni rolls, buffalo chicken dip, cookies, candy, and, most dastardly, a tub of cheese balls.

Every time I’d pass through the kitchen I’d grab another handful (those damned cheese balls).  That adds up.  Fortunately, rarely am I so susceptible to these junk food drive-bys.  But it got me thinking about how often in our daily lives we grab a quick handful of something and don’t really count it.

You get them at work, at church, at community events, at barbecues, at parties, and, especially, at holidays.  They can also happen at home. Here they’re easily preventable. As I’ve said before, don’t bring junk food into the house.  It’s hard enough to avoid it out in the world.

Be aware junk food drive-bys are out there.  Stay vigilant, and keep them outside the house.  Increase the Peace…


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