Do Restaurants Get Calorie Counts Right?

News and links from the week gone by:

Although I think calorie counting is overrated, I still believe they’re a useful tool for choosing a healthier selection when out to eat.   A new study, however, says calorie info for sit down restaurants may not be totally accurate.  (I linked to something similar two weeks ago).

There are some 17,000 smart phone apps on the market that are health or medicine related.  The FDA thinks it’s time to review some for safety and accuracy.  They’re open to your input.

Vaccinations for children can be a controversial topic for some.  Not for me.  I believe vaccinations are utterly important.  To wit: A new report shows deaths from chicken pox have nearly vanished thanks to the new vaccine.

More evidence of eternal debate on what the “truth” is in medicine.  First Glucosamine was wonderful for joints.  Then it wasn’t.  Now it is again.


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