My Latest Grilling Obsession

Grill season is in full swing.  Actually, if you’re like me, grill season never really ends.  I’m always looking for new stuff you cook over an open flame.  Not everything I pull off the hot grate is good for you, but lately I’ve been enamored with grilled shrimp skewers.  Healthy, easy, and delicious.

It all started when our local fish monger started spearing 5 fresh shrimp with wooden sticks.  The entirely time-consuming and annoying act of impaling shrimp on skewers (please note sarcasm) done for us, we picked up a few.

Brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and cooked over a hot grill for 2 minutes a side, they were nothing short of a revelation.  (And only roughly 50 calories per 5 shrimp skewer!)

I’m not claiming discovery.  Food cooked on skewers started likely 30 minutes after humankind first discovered fire.  And, in fact, I’ve had shrimp on skewers before (and pretty much every other meat and vegetable).  But on that night the dish scratched me right where I itch.

In an era of fancy meals endlessly prepared on 30 minute cooking shows, sometimes we forget simplicity is tasty.  Cooking healthy can be easy.  It can be delicious.  It can be quick.

Even if you have to skewer your own shrimp…


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