Penthouse Enters the Supplement Business

Penthouse (yes, that Penthouse) has entered the supplement industry.  They’re launching Penthouse Shots, a liquid supplement designed to enhance sexual performance and enjoyment.  No clinical trials are immediately available, but they were tested by several actors and actresses in the adult film industry.  That’s a relief.

Last week McDonald’s announced a new, healthier Happy Meal.  The new Happy Meal automatically comes with fruit and a smaller serving of fries.  It’s a start, but the meal is still pretty bad for you.  Marion Nestle agrees.

A new study suggests fish oil taken during pregnancy may reduce the chances of a newborn (birth to six months) developing cold-like symptoms.

New research data estimates only 23% of Americans are getting optimal amounts of Vitamin D.  How much do you need?  I’ve seen that question answered somewhere recently….

Not really nutrition news, but a determination reached by Health and Human Services means starting next August birth control must be covered by insurance companies with no co-pay.  Something tells me this will cause several individuals to exercise their First Amendment right….


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