Eat by Stars: Okra, Baked Cheetos & more


Per raw 5” pod: calories 10, fat 0g, carbs 2g, protein 0.8g

Yup, only 10 calories a pod.  They’re in season right now and can be prepared in a myriad of
ways.  We usually sauté or grill ours.  Here’s a few other ideas.  Breading and frying these guys (my wife’s favorite) knocks them down to a 2 star.  (Organic status is not a concern.)


Per 1 medium: calories 105, fat 0.4g, carbs 27g, protein 1.4g

Like most fruit, bananas are high in sugar, and therefore, carbohydrates.  But, also like most
fruit, overall they’re healthy and make a fantastic snack.  Can you eat too many bananas?  Yeah, I guess.  Think you can keep it under 10 a week?  Thought so.
(Organic status is not a concern.)

Ginger Dressing

Per 2 tbsp: calories 80, fat 7g, carbs 2g, protein 1g

Make sure you get the kind kept cold in the produce section.  It’s not cream based.   Admittedly, this type is far from perfect.  A little too much added sugar and salt.  But it’s tasty and versatile.  Use it on an Asian-inspired salad or to flavor a stir fry.

“Chewy” Granola Bars

Per bar:  calories 100, fat 3g, carbs 17g, protein 1g

Um, the ingredient list takes up the whole side of the package.  Not a good sign.  Yes they’re convienient, but this style of bar packs in lots of bad carbs and little protein.  Don’t let the “whole grain” claim on the side fool you.  There’s better options for this type of fare.

Baked Cheetos

Per 34 cheetos:  calories 130, fat 5g, carbs 19g, protein 2g

Generally, baked is a healthier way to go.  Not here.  Whether it’s baked or fried it’s still a processed cheese thingy.  If you’re gonna get Cheetos, get Cheetos.  (Just get a small “treat” bag!)  Baked Cheetos = Regular Cheetos.

Disclaimer: I take all these pics myself at local markets.  In no way am I attempting to single out a specific brand or company.  One company’s product is not different or better than another’s similar product. I get all my nutritional info from the package.  For items without packages I consult and the USDA Nutrient Data Labratory website.


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