Dr. Oz’s Party


A few weeks ago I caught a segment on the Dr Oz show.  I’m not a regular watcher but I generally find Dr Oz’s advice and information to be fantastic.  On this particular segment however, he gave a piece of advice where I don’t agree with the good doctor.

He suggested throwing a “weight loss party” for yourself. Specifically, sending out invitations for the party celebrating your weight loss at some point in the future.

The party (and invitations) serve as motivation for you to lose the weight, since you’ve already told everyone you will.

Personally, I don’t like the “motivation by humiliation” idea.  But it works for some.  So be it.  However, what I really don’t like about “throwing a party” is it gives a hard date when weight loss will end.

Typically the day after the party, bad habits will return.  At least your resolve will wane.  Sustained weight loss becomes an afterthought.

Mind you, I’m not against setting goals.  However, I prefer weight loss to be a side effect of setting goals like “Being able to run 2 miles” or “Eating fresh
veggies twice daily”.

Saying “I want to lose 10 pounds by Memorial Day” doesn’t address what happens after the goal day.  I believe it’s one of the main reasons roughly 80% of dieters regain lost weight.  And, I bet so does Dr Oz.

Hey, I like parties.  Actually, I REALLY like parties.  So, go ahead, throw a party.  Just be sure to plan your next one before the congratulatory toast has faded.


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