Baby Steps to Help your Heart

The powers that be recommended 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise to maintain a healthy weight and consequently, lower your risk of heart attack.  For many, that amount can seem daunting.  A new study offers hope to recliner dwellers.

After analyzing data from several studies, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health concluded there are benefits to your ticker with much smaller amounts of physical activity. It only takes 12 minutes of physical activity a day to
reduce your risk of heart disease by 14%.

Twelve minutes is doable, right?  That is all it takes to help your heart.  That’s walking to the mailbox.  Slowly.

These are mine. You have something similar. Use them.

Now hang on a sec.  That’s only the start.  You gotta do more than that to really help your heart and lose some weight.  A lot more. But, it’s incentive to start.  You don’t need to be a gym rat or ultramarathoner (those guys are nuts!) to benefit from activity.

So, get up!  Walk the dog. Walk around the block and spy on neighbors.  Play with your kids or grandkids.  Follow your spouse around the house and nag.  Get that heart pumping!

Start at 12 minutes a day.  Go to 30 and beyond.  Help your heart.  Maybe even your waistline.

“Every great journey begin with a single step……toward the mailbox”-Chinese Proverb (probably)


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