Can Diabetes be Reversed?

Is it possible to reverse diabetes?  A new study says yes.  But not with a magic pill.  Although, a separate study showed Vitamin D can help protect our body’s insulin producing cells.

In a recent study of 3 to 6 year olds, Penn State researchers found pureeing vegetables and “hiding” them in their normal food was an effective way to increase vegetable consumption.  Indeed the idea isn’t terribly newOr widely accepted.  What do you think?

Speaking of things kids eat:  A new study indicates 90% of packed school lunches reach unsafe temperatures.  Fix it by finding out how brought-from-home lunches are stored at school.  Stuffed in a locker? Invest in a cooler style lunch bag and an ice pack or three.

Do you know what choline is?  Most don’t.  It’s a vital nutrient found in eggs and soybeans.  It’s important for brain and liver health.  And vital during pregnancy.  Most of us don’t get enough.

Blog of the Week:

From Nutrition Unplugged:  Five Food Trends That Have Jumped the Shark


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