5 Supplements to Take Every Day

Ok, I get it.  There are lots of supplements out there these days.  You’re confused.  What to take?  How much? What’s good?  What’s bad?  Let’s start simple.  Here’s my list of the top 5 supplements to add to your daily regimen.

(In order of importance.  From most to least)

#1 Multi-Vitamin.  No matter how good the diet, it’s likely you’re not getting all the vitamins you need for optimal health.  Adding a daily multi-vitamin is the first place to start to cover those holes.

Which is best?  Well, I have a strong preference.   For drugstore brands, choose what fits your budget.  They’re all very similar.

#2 Vitamin D.   From heart health to cancer protection to diabetes and bone structure, the evidence for taking Vitamin D continues to mount.  A drug store multi-vitamin is likely low in Vitamin D.  Add a 2,000 IU daily Vitamin D supplement.

#3 Fish oil.  Like Vitamin D, the evidence supporting fish oil’s benefits grows larger by the day.  Omega-3 fats found in fish oils have been linked to benefiting brain and heart health, asthma, cancer, depression, and skin and bowel conditions.

Need more convincing?  On a recommendation from my vet, my pooch now takes fish oil.  If it’s good enough for Mr. Poopers, it’s good enough for me….

My pooch, Lex. aka Mr. Poopers

#4 Vitamin E  It’s our strongest antioxidant.  And, much like Vitamin D, a drugstore multi likely has too little of it.  Add a 400 IU Vitamin E boost to your daily routine.

#5 Calcium.  A necessity for growing kids and post menopausal women.  A good idea for everyone else.  It helps strentghen bones and is necessary for proper nerve and heart function.  Aim for around 1000mg a day (before taking an additional supplement first check how much your multi-vitamin delivers ).


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