Addicted to Tanning Beds

Researchers at the University of Texas have discovered what they believe to be a new addiction: tanning beds.  It seems the clamshell UV emitters push the same pleasure centers as other addictive substances.  Malia Szalavitz thinks it’s the wrong conclusion.

I’m a big believer in antioxidants and their ability to protect our cellsSlate disagrees.  However, the European Journal of Nutrition just announced the results of a massive study suggesting antioxidants may, in fact, reduce mortality risks.  Finding the “truth” about antioxidants marches on…

I run and go to the gym regularly.  To mix it up I also do some workouts at
home.  Michael Feigin, M.S., C.S.C.S, gives a great overview to start a home workout regimen.

More reasons to eat organically.  Scientists at University of Maryland have uncovered evidence poultry produced organically has less drug-resistant bacteria.  To a pharmacist, (and other geeks) this is pretty cool news.

Blog post of the week: Eat Simply introduces something called a “Snack
Station” for busy parents this week in What to Eat on the Road.


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