What I Spend on Food

My Shopping Cart

There’s debate surrounding the price of “healthy’ food.  Basically, since junk food is less expensive, it’s difficult for folks to eat “healthy” food.  I’ve decided to take a look at what I spend on food.  Let’s see how it shakes out.

What I spend a week at the grocery store:  $110 (for my wife and I).    About $450 a month.

As you can see from the above picture, my shopping cart on a typical weekly visit to the grocery is about half full.  Almost everything we buy at the grocery store I would consider “healthy”.   Nothing below a three-star, at least.

We eat out about twice a week.  Once is usually a weekend dinner with drinks. And we’ll usually slum it at sports bar or mexican spot once a week.  This usually costs about $250 a month (not including drinks).  This food is NOT “healthy”.

That’s it.  We really don’t spend much more on food.  Maybe $20 here and there.  So per month, for two people, we spend about $700.  And we eat healthy about 70% of the time.

Is that a lot?  I don’t know.  It seems reasonable to me.  For 3 meals a day it comes to about $7.50 a meal.  If you include snacks the price per meal would be lower still.

Also, we’re under the guideline of using 15% of income for food.

Maybe I’m missing something.  And surely, my situation is not identical to others, but in my world, “eating healthy is too expensive’ doesn’t hold up.

How much do you spend on food?  Do you agree with my conclusion?


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