3 Tips to Avoid Overeating


I like to eat.  A lot.  It’s comforting.  Sometimes I get oversized portions just because I want to enjoy the meal for longer.  What inevitably follows, unfortunately, is overeating.  Also inevitable, I’m left feeling bloated and not-so-healthy.  This is not good.

For whatever reason, we all have a tendency to over indulge in food from time to time.  Do it too often however, and we start packing on the pounds.  So how do we avoid overeating?  Here are the 3 most important guidelines I follow:

Eat slower.  You don’t actually have to chew in slow motion (although some advocate for it), just take longer to enjoy your meal.  Eating with someone?  Put your fork down and talk.  Make meal time important.  I love cultures where meals consistently last 2 hours.  That’s enjoying your food.

If eating alone, try to remember taking your time has its advantages.  Eating slowly allows the stomach to tell your brain it’s full.

Savor new foods.  Experiment eating new foods with more complex flavors.  Steamed broccoli covered in fresh grated pecorino-romano and olive oil is more interesting to the palate than cheese whiz covered florets.  The more you experiment, the more you’ll stop to appreciate the new sensation.

Overeat healthy food.  If you really feel like laying down a long eating session, why not load up on healthy stuff?  Grab extra servings of a veggie you adore (like broccoli with pecorino-romano!) and overeat like crazy.

Oh, and don’t forget to skip the fries.

What guidelines/rules do you use to keep from gorging?


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