A Treat for Hunter-Gatherers

Did our cavemen ancestors eat cookies?  Well, no.  But fans of the Paleo diet now can without guilt.  Introducing…Caveman Cookies!  The first Paleo diet cookie.  The folks at fooducate.com give their thoughts.

A recent study demonstrates what millions of dieters already know; the more weight you lose, the harder it is to shed more pounds.  It seems reducing calories isn’t the best way to tell you body to lose weight.  A previous post summarizes why not.

It turns out you CAN have too much of good thing, at least when it comes to food.  The condition even has its own name.  And, although not official, it’s considered by many to be an eating disorder.

Registered dietician, Susan Piergeorge, chimes in on the cost of healthy food by listing 11 nutritious AND inexpensive foods.

Is it possible Vitamin A may actually save children’s lives?  A review of previous studies has several researchers saying an emphatic “yes”.

Blog of the week:  One of my favorites, The Art of Intelligent Eating, gets sauced.  Here’s Katie’s great guide for picking out the best gravy on your next pasta night.


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