Diet Advice from Sports Talk Radio

A morning sports talk radio show is not the typical place to find diet advice.  Except, perhaps, which ballparks have the best fare.  But last week Leo Mazzone of Atlanta’s 680 The Fan unwittingly gave a superb diet tip.

The panel on The Rude Awakening show was bantering about the food at the station.  They teased one particular staff member as being the only one who stays in shape.  During the segment, Leo murmured “Well, for him it’s a priority”.

Genius.  Eating healthy and exercising simply comes down to making it a priority in your life.  Think about what your priorities are now.  Family? Career?  Reality television?  Football?  Where does your diet and exercise rank on the list of what’s important to you?

Be honest.  Is it near the top?  Would you sacrifice episodes of Glee to exercise or prepare food?  If not, it’s time to reassess the importance of healthy eating in your life.

Look, healthy eating doesn’t ALWAYS have to be priority one.  The two chili dogs I mindlessly downed during my Mountaineers’ opening game this Sunday is a testament to that.


One response to “Diet Advice from Sports Talk Radio

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