Willie Nelson covers Coldplay for Chipotle

Burrito chain Chipotle is increasing its efforts to source products from local farmers.  They’ve enlisted Willie Nelson to cover the Coldplay song “The Scientist” for the music backing an animated video of factory farming versus local farms. (Above video)

“Natural” food producer Kashi is being sued for misleading claims on their product packaging.  Remember, the word natural in the food industry is meaningless.

Yoni Freedhoff uses himself and black coffee as subjects in an interesting experiment on taste preferences.  A must read for parents of fussy eaters!

The contribution of sugar drinks to childhood obesity is well documented.  Still, a report from the CDC detailing how many sodas kids drink is startling.  Oh, and could playgrounds contribute to obesity too?

One scientist thinks carb-loaded potatoes aren’t that bad for you.  Yup, with so many different opinions it can be difficult to figure out what’s good to eat.  (I say eat potatoes rarely.  But I’m not a scientist.)

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