Brown Bag Challenge: A Teacher’s Lunch

Teacher’s are probably the original brown baggers.  After all, what self-respecting teacher eats in the cafeteria.  My wife, who teaches 9th grade geography, would sooner die (if the cafeteria food doesn’t killer her).

The school clerks get orders for take out, but as my wife knows, it’s cheaper and healthier to bring your own. Unlike me, she varies what she brings.  Here’s Thursday’s lineup:

She gets 20 minutes for lunch so it has to be quick.  Vegetable soup fits the bill.  Especially when you’ve been feeling under the weather.

With 8 minutes between classes, snacks are essential:  Greek yogurt, carrots, and an energy bar keep her energy up all day.  Especially so she can yell during after school cheerleader practice.

A square of dark chocolate with sea salt satisfies her sweet tooth.

And, um, bring your own water.  How on earth did we drink out of those water fountains as teenagers?

Alas, her lunch bag isn’t as cool as mine.  Makes sense, seeing as I’m significantly cooler than her.

On this day she didn’t pack one, but yes, this teacher loves apples.  Although I suspect her students will have to do more to get on her good side.  Like sit down and shut up.


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